The following case studies serve to illustrate the approach and scale of the work undertaken by Future Advisory and demonstrate both the depth of engagement and the strategic value delivered.

Global Logistics Firm

Mega-Trend and Future Advisory:

  • A global logistics firm employing over 200 000 staff is challenged by the rate of change in its industry
  • Future Advisory is assisting with mapping out the megatrends for this client from demographics, shifting production centres,
    changing economics for transport, virtualisation of goods and services etc.
  • The engagements with senior executives are on four continents i.e. Asia, America, Europe and of course Africa
  • The outcomes are a challenging of the dominant logic present within these organisations that constrain appropriate responses
    to these changes
  • These include toolsets for understanding the impacts of these changes and developing appropriate business responses
  • A specific output is the creation of new business models and products in order to both drive out innovation within the enterprise
    and to diversify and grow revenue sources

Diversified Services Company

Strategy Advisory:

  • Contract airtime clients
  • TV rental
  • Video conferencing
    • Firm was challenged by rapidly evolving economics, business models and customer sophistication undermining its traditional
      revenue streams
    • The engagement resulted in key strategic disposals, new business development and the restructuring and the repositioning of the core rental business with new value propositions
    • The turn-around strategy extended to the video-conferencing segment where the advent of new internet based technology was commoditising its core products
    • New solutions implemented included a new value adding model, a higher level of a services stance and the adoption of global best practises including a new operating model for sales and market, operations and technology advisory

CEO / Chairman's Comment:

"Herman is one of the best strategic thinkers around and with his broad experience and innovative processes and insights has been instrumental in helping shape the future plans for this high growth business."

Field Marketing & Activation

Building innovative strategy and growth plans:

  • This extremely rapidly growing entrepreneurial and privately held firm is showcased as a leading example of how to build a
    R500m business in 10 years
  • Future Advisory was engaged to help reposition the firm in its core market, identify new growth opportunities, move further down the value chain and embrace technology in the extension of its value proposition
  • A new target operating model was formulated and embraced and the firm has also diversified into new age technology and
    internet based solutions
  • Strategies for the new age firms were realigned to the new demands from marketing agencies and the larger FMCG manufacturers who sought a quantum improvement in the measurable impact of marketing spend

International Humanitarian Aid Agency

Culture change and innovative problem solving workshops:

  • The agency was challenged by increasing demands for its services due to escalating global natural and manmade disasters
  • It's teams on all continents were increasingly frustrated by logistic challenges, processes and the fact that existing solutions
    were not always effective
  • The workshops were conducted with middle and senior line managers in 6 cities around the world
  • Excellent results have been reported from the interactions leading to discussions around follow on strategic engagements with their head-quarters in New York

Gaming Industry

Applying technology to innovatively address an industry's strategic challenges:

  • The global industry segment was experiencing declining age of clients, reducing share of wallet, reducing number of players, declining core profitability and a history of disintermediation and regulatory hurdles
  • The engagements are designed to identify megatrends relevant to this industry, scope the untapped white spaces and scope and specify new innovative solutions that could enhance core value in achieving:
    • The attraction of new members in targeted demographics
    • The retention of existing members
    • Enhancing client satisfaction and convenience
    • Increasing the profitability of betting behaviour