Current Ventures

Crevention Inc © - Innovation Labs

GIBS - 25/07/2012

An Executive Overview of the Concept

  • Establish a dedicated innovation lab at GIBS
  • Invite one or more corporate entities to partner
    on this e.g. KPMG or Sasol etc.
  • Focus on the creation and invention process and assist with the prevention of the potential for exploitation of companies in need
  • Access to the GIBS knowledge centre and existing staff and student knowledge
  • Cross linkage to centres in MIT, Israel and South Korea etc.
  • Cross marketed by GIBS to its corporate clients
    as a value added service
  • Embed into various programmes and drive out catalytic innovation
  • A dedicated creative space on campus that lives
    this brand
  • Two dedicated staff members with own branding
    and budget
  • Engagements are billable to the corporate client

The Vision

  • A leading and world class innovation laboratory
    that engages to actually solve problems and invent solutions in Africa for Africa
  • Creating a respected centre of excellence for innovative problem solving to all tiers of society
    and delivering practical and relevant solutions
    cost effectively and timeously