The 1help1 Proposition

  • Nations are nations not because of governments and companies but because of individuals and communities who chose to make the nation real
  • There are tens of thousands of deserving causes in South Africa that are seeking assistance in uplifting themselves
  • The reality is that the long-tail effect means that unless one is a celebrity cause that graces the front pages of papers or websites, becomes a cause of focus on social media sites or gets adopted by a radio station or a politician then its relegated to a dark and depressing world where there is no recognition for its deserving cause and no way for it to rise above the ashes
  • There are also waves of guilt where a campaign is launched for a short time to solve a particular issue. But these issues don't occur in waves. They are chronic and persist even when there is no campaign underway
  • In the same way there are millions of South Africans who are willing to share their time, skills, money or other resources in order to help the needy, the weak and the under-privileged. Their challenge is finding a way for them to do so
  • How does a donor find a needy cause?
  • Sound simple? Well it's not. Some donations such as money or advice are easy to transfer over long distances but many such as time or skills are not. They have to be deployed close to where the donor lives. Additionally, one needs to match the donor's capability and willingness to contribute to the needs of the specific community or individual
  • 1help1 addresses this dilemma. It does so in a new and innovative manner using new age web2.0 thinking that turns the problem on its head in the same way that Amazon , eBay and the like are able to make the long-tail work to commercial advantage for music, books and videos

How 1help1 Will Work

  • Whether you have a food drive or are looking for blankets and clothes, seeking repairs to a crèche or feeding the aged, building an orphanage or raising funds for your church etc. one can now access an entire country.
  • There are no more excuses that go "I wish I could help but…"
  • There are multiple channels of access to ensure wide usage via:
    • SMS
    • USSD
    • www.
    • Mobi

  • There are seven simple and key steps:
    • Register as a donor or as a recipient
    • Authenticate yourself
    • Be validated by our 1help1 team
    • Define specific donation or need
    • Find matching pairs
    • Communicate to manage logistics and deliver
    • Upload post-mortem (aids future users)

1help1 Conclusion

  • We are hoping that this service will be embraced by all South Africans to help their fellow citizens
  • The pilot will commence in quarter 4 and subject to adequate results the national rollout will commence mid 2013
  • The organisation will seek to align with other major national initiatives and will also seek corporate sponsorship to assist with costs
  • Until then it will be funded wholly by Future Advisory